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MMPA Resolutions

Each year, the membership of the Minnesota Milk Producers Association comes together at its annual meeting to pass resolutions that will guide the organization in the coming year. Any member can propose resolutions, which are then vetted by the policy committee and endorsed by the membership at large in attendance at the annual meeting.

Minnesota Milk's 2019 Resolutions

Minnesota Milk’s resolutions guide the organization for the year. Minnesota milk currently has 45 resolutions on a wide variety of topics.


The Minnesota Milk Producers Association Policy Committee willp will debate and approve their package of proposals in October 2019 for board approval in November, at which time the proposed changes will go to the December 2019 annual meeting. If you have any amendments (additions, deletions, or changes), please contact Lucas Sjostrom at by October 4, at noon.


Current (2019) Resolutions - WORD

Current (2019) Resolutions - PDF


2020 top initiatives will be chosen during the legislative session, which begins February 11. Minnesota Milk's Dairy Day at the Capitol is February 18, 2020.

Resolutions and Legislative Details

2019 results will be updated soon...


Minnesota Milk’s Top Initiatives for 2018

  1. Make Minnesota a Great State for Livestock
  2. Support for the Next Generation Dairy Farmers and Agriculture
  3. Providing Incentives for Dairy Growth
  4. Create the Premier Dairy Industry Infrastructure
  5. Maintain and Grow Dairy Markets
  6. Improving the Environment through a Public/Private Partnership
  7. Support for Industry Efforts

Minnesota Milk 2017 and 2018 Legislative Accomplishments

  • Maintained AgREETT, AGRI, and Minnesota Dairy Initiatives funding

Expanded milk truck weight allowance

    • Allows all milk trucks to legally run on interstate highways
    • Provides straight milk trucks a needed 10% allowance in weight, matching the allowance already allowed by law at the milk plant scalehouse

    Bonding and infrastructure

    • Helped City of Litchfield obtain needed bonding for backup generation to help expand First District Association plant
    • Supported value-added agriculture with new $1 million incentives for plants that would be processing milk and meat

      Dairy laws

      • Worked with cooperatives and State Department of Agriculture to streamline laws that had been written in the early 1900s, including stipulations that could have resulted in legal action for feeding human food byproducts to cows or sending milk to plants within 5 days of freshening - common and encouraged practices of today's industry
      • Makes law much easy to read and adapt if future changes are required

      Minnesota Milk 2016 Legislative Accomplishments

      Manure hoses in right-of-ways

      • Turned a situation of potential regulation and paperwork burdens into a stronger law allowing manure hoses as a permissible, legal vessel in right of ways, and adjacent to land not owned by farmers
      • Prohibited township-level permitting without passage at an annual meeting, and prohibited fees
      • Characterized potential overflows as an emergency act allowable without need for a permit
      • Maintained permitting alongside state roads through the MN Department of Transportation

      AGRI funding (Livestock investment and Value-Added Grants)

      • Stopped potential raids of AGRI funds in support of current Minnesota Department of Agriculture administration of the current program

      Driver’s licenses and safer roads

      • Supported coalition effort to implement a license allowed for undocumented workers to ensure safer roads and minimize discrimination
      • The window of opportunity opened and closed quickly, but more work with legislators in the off season is raising awareness of the issue

      AgREETT Funding

      • Helped secure funding for new research and extension positions that will help dairy and other livestock farmers by supporting Midwest Dairy’s efforts on the AgREETT (Agriculture Research, Education, Extension, and Technology Transfer) advisory committee.
      • One new position will focus on manure management and water quality research, while another will be extension based to develop educational materials from the research; both based on the St. Paul Campus.
      • A Livestock Housing Facilities Design Specialist that will enhance animal and worker health, precision livestock facilities, and community stewardship with a research and extension role will be housed on the St. Paul Campus.
      • Several other dairy-related positions at the University will help focus research in animal microbiomes, antimicrobial resistance, animal bioinformation, veterinary parasitology, food safety extension, and several crop positions that could affect dairy farmers.
      • The $4.5 million biennium fund has the momentum to be repeated over 10 years to refill agricultural research and extension positions up to about 30 full time equivalents

      Stray current on dairy farms

      • Held on-farm workshop to show promise of peer-reviewed research in stray current, convincing the handful of legislators in attendance that funding was necessary
      • Guided a farmer-written article in Hoard’s Dairyman magazine to raise national awareness of the lack of research in an effort to build a multi-state coalition for replicated research

      Environmental Permit Streamlining

      • Helped government work efficiently by stopping efforts to renew Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Citizen Review Board

      Bonding and infrastructure

      • Maintained city of Litchfield municipal backup power system to enhance ability for First District Association to expand and continue operations in bill that did not pass
      • Explained how important rural roads and bridges are to dairy farmers, holding key transportation upgrades in transportation bill that ultimately did not pass
      • Increased funding for rural broadband over previously funded levels

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