In 2006, Minnesota Milk awarded the first ever "Friend of Dairy" award to Bruce Cottington.  Since then, the name of the award has been changed to the "Bruce Cottington Award" in honor of Bruce Cottington's name and legacy.

This award is given out on select years to individuals that have gone above and beyond the call of duty fostering the goals and ideals of Minnesota Milk through their own personal efforts.  Additional criteria for the award also includes their involvement in Minnesota's dairy industry, display of leadership, and community involvement.

Do you know someone who is a "Friend of Dairy?" Send your nomination for the Bruce Cottington Award.

Photo of Bran Rugg

Minnesota Milk recognizes Bradley Rugg for service to 4-H, dairy community

Although 4-H was an important part of Bradley Rugg’s life from an early age, it wasn’t until a couple of years after college graduation that his specific love for the dairy community came into clear focus: major events, young people and animals. Decades later, having left an indelible mark on all three, Rugg has been…

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Ruth Klossner Bruce Cottington Award Winner

The Minnesota Milk Producers Association named Ruth Klossner the 2021recipient of the Bruce Cottington Friend of Dairy award. Klossner was surprisedduring the Minnesota State Fair 4-H Dairy show this past August and wasformally recognized during Minnesota Milk’s Annual Meeting on December 8th. Klossner is best known for her love of dairy and sharing her enthusiasm…

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Minnesota Milk bestows Bruce Cottington award to Tom Anderson

Minnesota Milk Producers Association board of directors is pleased to announce the recipient of the Bruce Cottington “Friend of Dairy” award to Tom Anderson.

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2019 BCA - Ted Matthews

Ted Matthews

The 2019 Bruce Cottington “Friend of Dairy” award recipient is Ted Matthews, a mental health practitioner of Hutchinson, Minn.

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2018 BCA - Brant Groen

Brant Groen

Brant Groen, Director of Dairy Wellness at Form-a-Feed, was recognized with the 2018 Bruce Cottington award by the Minnesota Milk Producers Association. Groen was selected for this recognition based on his dedication to the future of Minnesota’s dairy industry.

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2017 BCA - David Kjome

David Kjome

The Minnesota Milk board of directors chose David Kjome, Rochester, Minn., as the 2017 Bruce Cottington Friend of Dairy Award winner.

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2015 BCA - Ed Frederick

Ed Frederick

Ed Frederick has provided a lifetime of leadership and service to his local community along with numerous state and national organizations. He is respected for his passion and outstanding contributions to dairy, agriculture, and natural resources.

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2014 BCA - Jeff Reneau

Jeff Reneau

Jeff Reneau has been humbly serving Minnesota dairy producers for over 35 years. After graduating from University of Minnesota Veterinarian School, he was a practicing veterinarian in Parkers Prairie and Buffalo, Minnesota. He then started working at the University of Minnesota Animal Science Department with an Extension Appointment in 1979.

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2013 BCA - Bob LeCocq

Bob LeCocq

Minnesota Milk Producers Association recognized Bob LeCocq as the 2013 recipient of the Bruce Cottington Friend of Dairy Award. The presentation took place during the Midwest Dairy Expo on December 3 in St. Cloud, Minn.

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