Policy & Economics Webinars

Policy is a fundamental pillar to Minnesota Milk. These webinars focus on ever-changing state and federal policy issues as well as economic considerations for dairy farms.

Navigating New Labor Laws: A Webinar for Minnesota Dairy

February 21, 2024

Agricultural businesses are adapting to new laws adopted recently in Minnesota. Minnesota Milk Producers Association held a webinar on Feb. 15 to share the steps dairy farmers should take to…

Federal Milk Marketing Order Education and Reform Impacts

April 15, 2021

Speaker: Marin Bozic Sponsored by: Minnesota Milk and Wisconsin Dairy Business Association. This webinar originally aired on April 13, 2021. Additional FMMO resources include: This paper which examines the causes…

Farm Bureau Priorities for Dairy Industry Reform

February 19, 2021

Speaker: John Newton, Chief Economist, American Farm Bureau Federation The dairy industry is changing rapidly, from consolidation among dairy farmers, dairy cooperatives and dairy processors, to shifts in consumer preferences.…

The 2021 Landscape in Washington, DC

February 12, 2021

Speaker: Paul Bleiberg Paul Bleiberg, NMPF’s Senior Vice President of Government Relations, will provide a lay of the land for what to anticipate in 2021.  With a new President and…

2021 Outlook for Food and Agriculture: Reversion to Normal

January 29, 2021

Speaker: Michael Swanson, Wells Fargo Milk prices are one of the most volatile commodity prices given the inelastic demand and supply. No one can escape the financial impact of high…

2021 Dairy Markets and Policy Overview

January 22, 2021

Speaker: Marin Bozic

Financial Knowledge your banker wants you to know

January 15, 2021

Speaker: Gary Sipiorski The events of 2020 and market moves will once again redefine farm operating volatility for the future. Gary will share what financial information dairy producers should know…