2020 Dairy Management Workshops

Dairy Management Workshops bring new information and networking opportunities to a location near you. Unique partnerships with other organizations like I-29 Moo University, UMIDA, and Midwest Dairy help bring relevant information to you.

2020 Webinars

Unpacking the Latest Coronavirus Aid Bill for Dairy

December 29, 2020

Minnesota Milk Executive Director Lucas Sjostrom hosts economist Marin Bozic for his analysis of the latest coronavirus aid bill and the road ahead.

Sudden Storm

December 4, 2020

Phil Plourd speaks on the reaction from the pandemic to dairy and the path ahead.

Recording now available – Making Stewardship Pay: Ecosystem Services Market

November 30, 2020

Look at work done in Minnesota to test and develop new, market-based models to provide financial incentives to farmers that implement practices – such as new cash cover crops –…

Review the Past to Plan our Future

June 22, 2020

Join this webinar as Keith Olander, Director of AgCentric and Central Lakes College Ag & Energy Center, reviews the 2019 Farm Business Management report.

Preparing for Recovery

June 11, 2020

Originally Broadcast on May 29, 2020. During this free on-demand webinar, Cassie Monger and Michelle Sell of Compeer Financial provide a look at the future of the industry with an…

Dairy Market Update

May 27, 2020

Originally broadcasted on May 21, 2020. During this free on-demand webinar, Sara Dorland of Ceres Dairy Risk Management provides dairy market insights into what’s happening today, tomorrow and the rest of…

2019 Value Added Workshops

In early 2019, Minnesota Milk teamed with AURI, Midwest Dairy, and University of Minnesota Extension to put on two value-added workshops in Rochester and St. Cloud, MN. Below are recordings for each of the sessions.

Opportunities for Value Added Dairy

Becca Jablonski

Dr. Jablonski, an assistant professor and food systems extension economist at Colorado State University, has experience working with and building value-added businesses in New York and Colorado. Learn about identifying your marketing channels with Dr. Jablonski in this one-hour session.


Metz's Hart-Land Dairy, Creamery, and Honey

The Metz Family

The Metz family has been making cheese on their farm since 2014. They were named Minnesota Milk's Producers of the Year in 2018. The Metz Family Farm, located between Winona and Rushford, Minnesota, now provides fresh cheese, flavored cheese curds, a growing list of dairy products and locally-produced honey to SE Minnesota food stores! Their products are deliciously fresh–straight from their cows to their creamery, ready for you or your favorite grocery store.


Cannon Belles Cheese

Deeann Lufkin and Jackie Hupf

Cannon Belles have been making cheese since 2017 (First Place Queso Fresco at 2017 American Cheese Society awards). In 2019, they will be opening both an ice cream shop and new cheese plant in Cannon Falls.

Back in the Fall of 2012, Deeann and Jackie decided to try to make cheese for the first time. They had been making beer and wine together for a few years, but just couldn’t keep up with what they were making. Jackie had also married a Dairy Farmer, so she had a fresh supply of great milk.


Redhead Creamery, LLC

Jer-Lindy Farms LLC

Redhead Creamery has been making cheese since 2014 in their on-farm cheese plant with retail shop. Jer-Lindy Farms LLC was Minnesota Milk's 2002 Producers of the Year, 2016 U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award winner, and 2017 Innovative Dairy Farmer of the Year by IDFA and Dairy Herd Management magazine. Their North Fork Munster won first place at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair, and several of their cheeses have been in top 10 of the U.S. and World Cheese Championships.


Autumnwood Farm

Patrick and Sharlene Daninger

Today, third- and fourth-generation farmers Patrick and Sharlene Daninger and their children run a high-quality 21st century operation using the finest in dairy equipment and the latest environmentally sound agricultural methods to put fresh milk and milk products on your table. Their milking cows are raised with rotational grazing, naturally. The micro-creamery puts “freshness” in every bottle of milk or cream as the cows’ milk is immediately processed and bottled on site. The Autumnwood label on every glass bottle is your assurance of natural goodness, and unmatched freshness.


What You Need to Know About Financing Dairy Processing

Amanda Durow (CoBank)

Durow explains how dairy processing plants should be aware of opportunities and challenges with financing.


Identifying and Selecting Value-Added Opportunities for Your Farm

Betty Berning (Betty Berning Consulting)

Berning, previously in University of Minnesota Extension, talks about narrowing down opportunities for your specific farm.


AURI Opportunities and Resources

Jennifer Wagner-Lahr

Jennifer Wagner-Lahr explains the opportunities available through the Agricultural Utilization Research Institute and related resources.