Committed to Recycling Agricultural Plastics

The Recycling Association of Minnesota and Minnesota Milk received a grant from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to contine  support agricultural plastic recycling efforts across the state. Minnesota's dairy farmers are commited to environmental stewardship and care for the land. This webpage is to be used as a resource to help link plastic users with local contacts for proper disposal.

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Find a local ag plastic recycling expert near you

Got plastic? Looking to recycle it?

Many counties across Minneosta have unique programs to recycle agricultural plastics. Some counties provide on farm dumpsters. Others provide ReCapture bags. Some counties specilize in organized collection drives. The map at the left shares a general overview of participating counties and related service areas. Each operates independently.

Find your local recycling expert here: Ag Plastic Recycling Contact Information







What types of agricultural plastic films can be recycled?

Recycle these film plastics only:

  • Silage bags
  • Bunker Cover (Black & White)
  • Oxygen barriers
  • Grain bags
  • Drip tape
  • Greenhouse film
  • Boat wrap
ag plastic dumpster

Do NOT recycle these:

  • Twine
  • Net wrap
  • Any woven grain bags or covers- scrim
  • Plastic containers
  • Dirt, rocks, tires


Contamination caused this recycling prorgram to shut down before. Please follow the guidelines. If it isn't on the list of what you can recycle: Don't put it in the bag or dumpster.

50% of Minnesota dairy farms participated in recycling ag plastics

65 counties have local recycling experts

1671 tons of agricultural film plastic was recycled in 2019