People Webinars

People are the number one asset to any dairy farm. Explore various topics related to health and safety, employee management or more below.

Sleep: The fuel of your Resilience

February 25, 2021

Speaker: Dennis Hoiberg

Mental Resiliency

February 18, 2021

Speaker: Dennis Hoiberg “Resilience is one of the most used words nowadays but unfortunately the least understood. This lack of understanding leads to a wide range of dysfunctional behaviours. We…

Bend But Don’t Break: Exploring Resiliency

February 11, 2021

Speaker: Monica Kramer McConkey, LPC Rural Mental Health Specialist Difficult times can make us stronger and more resilient, but how do we make that happen. During this session, Monica will…

A Healthy Farm Needs A Healthy Farmer

January 28, 2021

Speaker: Emily Krekelberg, Extension Educator-Farm Safety & Health Farmers spend much of their time thinking about the needs of their farm: quality feed, good reproduction, functional facilities, etc. For generations,…

Making the Most out of your Farm Advisory Team

January 21, 2021

Speaker: Leah Bischof, Minnesota Dairy Initiative State Director Having a dairy farm advisory team can really help create an opportunity for a farm to attain further education, resources, and positive…

Engaging employees: We can do it!

January 14, 2021

Speaker: Jorge Delgado, Alltech Training Talent Development and Retention Program How to use the 3 Pillars of Engagement and the 4 Drivers of Motivation to understand our employee’s “why” in…

Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident

January 7, 2021

Speaker: Kevin Wulf, Community Relations and Employee Education Farming is a dangerous industry. From machinery to animals, accidents are waiting to happen. But, safety doesn’t happen by accident. It is…