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Production Webinars

From benchmarking to genetics and reproduction; mastitis and more, these webinars are helpful tools to continually improve on farm production goals.

2020 Farm Business Management Dairy Recap

May 12, 2021

Speaker: Keith Olander, AgCentric Curious how dairy farm profitability stacked up in 2020 compared to previous years? Watch the recording below. Additional resources referenced throughout the webinar can be found…

Building a vaccine protocol – considerations as protocols become complex

February 26, 2021

Speaker: Joe Armstrong – Cattle Production Systems Extension Educator Dr. Joe will walk through building a dairy vaccine protocol with real-life situations to highlight timing and type of vaccines. We…

Is My Dairy Business Competitive?  Actions that Drive Profit

February 25, 2021

Speakers: Jon Zander and Matt Lange, Compeer Financial In this session, you’ll explore in-depth what some of the top herds are doing to achieve profit margins even in challenging times.…

Changing the Game with Dairy Analytics

February 18, 2021

Speaker: Jeffrey Bewley, Holstein Association USA, Dairy Analytics and Innovation Scientist In this presentation we will cover how data will shape the future of dairy farming. We will cover new…

Can lower milk yield lead to higher profit per cow?

February 11, 2021

Speaker: Joleen Hadrich One size does not fit all when it comes to dairy farm profitability. This presentation discusses how small to medium sized dairy farms were able to generate…

Algae, Bacteria & Bears Oh My!

January 21, 2021

Speaker: Matt Boyle, Senior Veterinarian, Zoetis Dairy Technical Service Although not really considered emerging pathogens anymore, Prototheca and Mycoplasma are routinely discovered during milk quality surveillance on dairy farms.  With…

Dairy Category Analysis

January 14, 2021

Speaker: Megan Sheets, Midwest Dairy How did the dairy aisle change in 2020? How specifically did the coronavirus pandemic impact consumer buying behaviors? Megan Sheets with Midwest Dairy will share…

Beef Options for Dairies to Diversify, Maximize Profits

January 7, 2021

Speaker: Andrew Swanson, Select Sires Dairy herds are looking for every advantage they can find these days. Diversifying into the beef markets is one such avenue that offers multiple options…