Dairy Day at the Capitol 2020
Senator Gazelka, Ron Miller, Dawn Raymond, Ann Buck, Dave Buck and Lucas Sjostrom.

Thank you to all of our attendees who battled the snow and road conditions to help make this year’s Dairy Day a success. Over 50 dairy farmers and industry members joined in St. Paul for Minnesota Milk’s Dairy Day at the Capitol.

Between our veteran attendees and first-time participants, we continued to develop relationships with our policy makers through personal conversations. Many of these conversations were focused on supporting beginning farmers, recognizing dairy as a solution to climate change, and investing in the future.

Additionally, Minnesota Milk was invited to testify at both the House and Senate Ag Committee meetings. Listen to House Ag Committee testimony from President Dave Buck, Executive Director Lucas Sjostrom and Producer of the Year Fran Miron. Listen to Senate Ag Committee testimony from President Dave Buck and Producers of the Year Andrew and Fran Miron (00:57), and later Director Tom Sedgeman (59:40) on Farm Safety.

Andrew Patnode, Senator Osmek, and John Scherber.