MMPA Board Member


Garrett Luthens


Hutchinson, MN

Minnesota Milk provides another avenue for producers to enhance their operation though new ideas, tools, communication with other producers and industry experts. Minnesota Milk presents a positive front for Minnesota producers through educational seminars, tours, and literature to help enhance the public’s opinion of Minnesota producers. We also put effort into educating our local legislators on the obstacles and successes that might hinder or excel producers in the state.

Garrett wakes up every morning to his wife Melissa, and children Annabelle and Micah. His favorite time of the day is having breakfast with his family, and then taking a walk around the farm to check on the cattle, visit some of the crew and monitor for changes from the previous day.

His goal is for the dairy to provide a great quality product, produced in a cost effective manner. Garrett enjoys traveling up to Northern Minnesota and also likes to read business books that discuss best practices in business. He also serves on three other boards of directors: Hassan Valley Township, Hutchinson Joint Planning Board, and Pelican Pines Board.