Minnesota Milk’s board of directors presents the Lefebvre family with the Above and Beyond Award.

The Lefebvre Family are a group of dairy industry cutting-edge pioneers who pushed the envelope as dairy farmers and continue to innovate to move the industry forward. Jim and Rita Lefebvre farmed in Otsego, Minn., as some of the first to use green technologies to improve milk production, conservation practices to improve soil, and were upstanding members of their community.

Unfortunately, their success in expanding their dairy led to activism from the community in this suburban area, and the farm was sold in 1999. Their six children, Chuck, Greg, Mark, Nancy Fordahl, Dan and Bob, grew up on the farm with three directly involved in the dairy industry. Bob Lefebvre previously served as Executive Director of Minnesota Milk, Mark Lefebvre dedicated his career to conservation and Greg Lefebvre to dairy nutrition. Obviously, the family has done much more than their dairy industry involvement. Still, as representatives moving the industry forward, Minnesota Milk bestowed their Above and Beyond award to the entire Lefebvre Family for their industry dedication in 2021.