State dairy advocacy group asks the Minnesota Supreme Court to clarify the time for farmers to file stray voltage lawsuits

SAINT PAUL, Minn. — The Minnesota Milk Producers Association, the state’s most prominent dairy advocacy group, today announced efforts to clarify the deadline for state farmers affected by stray voltage to file lawsuits.

On April 24, the group filed a request to the Minnesota Supreme Court to participate in the Clay View Dairy Case as an amicus curiae. The request aims to clarify the statute of limitations for stray voltage claims filed in Minnesota. Currently, most courts apply a two-year statute of limitations. Minnesota Milk is advocating to have a six-year statute of limitations apply instead.

“Minnesota Milk is committed to defending our members and taking action on issues that impact them,” Minnesota Milk Executive Director Lucas Sjostrom said.

Stray voltage is a problem for many dairy farmers throughout the state, in this case and beyond. Due to challenges, such as difficult detection, the longer statute of limitations is needed for this case and future cases.

“Our request to participate in this case is effectively an ask to consider all cases in the future,” Sjostrom said. “We’re taking these steps to ensure Minnesota farmers have the support and time needed to identify stray voltage problems and make any necessary claims.”

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