Maintained AgREETT, AGRI, and Minnesota Dairy Initiatives funding

Expanded milk truck weight allowance

  • Allows all milk trucks to legally run on interstate highways
  • Provides straight milk trucks a needed 10% allowance in weight, matching the allowance already allowed by law at the milk plant scalehouse

Bonding and infrastructure

  • Helped City of Litchfield obtain needed bonding for backup generation to help expand First District Association plant
  • Supported value-added agriculture with new $1 million incentives for plants that would be processing milk and meat

Dairy laws

  • Worked with cooperatives and State Department of Agriculture to streamline laws that had been written in the early 1900s, including stipulations that could have resulted in legal action for feeding human food byproducts to cows or sending milk to plants within 5 days of freshening – common and encouraged practices of today’s industry
  • Makes law much easy to read and adapt if future changes are required