MMPA Board Member


Rick Smith


Adams, MN

Minnesota Milk is the voice of Minnesota dairy farmers. We as dairy farmers don’t have a lot of time to be heard with our busy schedules. I feel that MMPA has the expert people on staff to help us as dairy farmers if a problems should arise.

Rick is a fourth generation dairy farmer, in partnership with his two brothers Randy and Joe. They milk 240 holsteins, raise 95 head of steers, and custom finish 3,500 hogs a year. On the crop side they raise corn, alfalfa, and soybeans on 600 acres of land.Rick and Tracy have three children, Derick, Mckinzie, and Jonah.

They also love hosting exchange students having six over the years from Russia, Ukraine, and Indonesia. Rick enjoys bowling, camping, hunting and riding his Honda Goldwing. Rick has been a NMPF Young Cooperator for two years, serves on his local ADA board, and was also in the Minnesota Agriculture and Rural Leadership (MARL) program.