2018 Legislator of the Year

2018 LOY - Bill Weber

Senator Bill Weber

Senator Bill Weber has long been a champion for rural Minnesota. Hailing from Southwest Minnesota, in Luverne. Weber has long been a champion of farmers. As a real estate broker, appraiser and manager, he understands the realities of what state laws can do to our land. He owns and is president of Jensen Management Service, and first served as a city council member and then mayor of the city of Luverne.

He’s been in the legislature since 2012 as a state Senator, and currently serves as the Agriculture, Rural Development and Housing Policy Committee Chair,and Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance Committee Vice Chair.

In 2016 and 2017, Senator Weber helped re-write the dairy laws in regard to on-farm and in-plant regulation. He and his staff reached out to Minnesota Milk early and often, and working with the Department of Agriculture, helped fix a lot of extremely old statutes that could have resulted in litigation on farms. He’s also stood with Minnesota Milk on many other issues the past six years, as he helped us create a better climate for dairy farmers.